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EL CHIMO (Farthest south point at Bay)
MAJAHUITAS(Close to Quimixto)
ISLAS MARIETAS(From 2009 Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO)
EL MORRO(One of our hardest rocks out of Bay)
LA CORBETEÑA(Farthest rock out of Bay west)
LOS ANEGADOS(Mid distance between Marietas and Morro)
LOS ARCOS(Few minutes from Mismaloya beach)
COLOMITOS(next south beach after Boca de Tomatlan)
PIZOTA(A mile distance before arriving Chimo)
LAS IGLESIAS(Chimo site)


High Season (From December to April)

Humpback Whales, Average wingspan 42 feet size, average weight 50,000 pounds (larger elephants reach 12,000 pounds of weight, it is interesting to understand the major difference between the two animals). In the winter season, visiting the Bay to mate and give birth to their young. False killer whales, 16 feet size average size, average weight of 3,000 pounds. Pilot whales, announce the arrival of humpback whales with an average wingspan of almost 18 feet and an average weight of 4,000 pounds. Several families of dolphins as the "Painted" and "Bottle Nose"

Whole year

All kind of rays. “Giant Mantas” max wingspan 27 feet, “Eagle Ray”, “Round Ray”, “Electric Ray”, “Cawnose Ray”, “Guitar Raya”, “Diamond Sting Ray”, “Cortez Sting Ray” and “Bat Ray” Moray Eels, “Panamic Green” max wingspan 6 feet, “Argus”, “Jewel”, “Zebras”, etc. Sea Turtle, “Hawkbill”, “Green”, “Leatherback”, “Olive Ridley” Fish “Cortez Angel Fish”, “Damselfish”, “Morish Idol”, “Butterflies”, “Ballon fish”, “Puffers”, “Scorpión fish”, “Parrot fish”, “Red Snaper” Great variety of “Lobsters” y “Urchins”, “Octopus”, “Star fish” and little “Hermit crab” and “Row or Spider crab” About flora, we can find a big variety of small “Gorgonians”, “Fan corals”. .

EL CHIMO (Farthest south point at Bay)

Deep: 55 - 135 feet deep

This beautiful place is full of hue fish schools, moray eels, corals, sponges and so many times sea turtles and Giant Mantas. For deep and currents conditions it is only recommendable for expert divers with more than 50 dives and not for a first diving after long time without a diving experience. Name of spot diving there are “Shallow palms”, “Caves” and “Churchs”.

Navigation time: 1:20 - 2:00 hours. There no protection against wind and waves, so it will be a place recommend Only for expert divers.


MAJAHUITAS (Close to Quimixto)

Deep: 18 - 90 feet deep

Current: Tenuous, always with a side protected, for beginner divers. This is a place for all family, not Only divers, but also to those like snorkeling or just swimming in a paradise beach. Majahuitas area is an special places where you will find sea garden eels in a number that looks like an underwater grass field.

Navegation time: 35 to 40 minutes.


ISLAS MARIETAS (From 2009 Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO)

Deep: 25 - 90 feet deep

Islands base in volcanic rocks. Small caves, fissures, walls and caverns. Rocky reef and sandy bottom. Also place chosen by Pacific Giant Mantas. LOS ARCOS and Marietas Islands are ones of the few places in the world where you can find birds " blue foot boobies boots". On the way to the islands in season from December to March, humpback whales can be observed.

Currents: Normally gentle currents

Navegation time: 45 minutes aprox.


EL MORRO (One of our hardest rocks out of Bay)

Deep: 60 – 140 feet deep

One of the most exciting and visited by more experienced divers places. A small islet off the bay in open water, where hopefully you can find nurse sharks, sleeping in small caves that offers this spectacular place, like mantas, turtles, and countless schools of tropical fish.

Normally, there are moderate currents, and its depth is recommended for more experienced divers.

Navegation time: 1:30 hours aprox.


LA CORBETEÑA (Farthest rock out of Bay west)

Deep: 60 - 140 feet deep

Other marine spot outside the bay, for experienced divers, where normally dives are current and in good visibility season, is an absolute paradise, full of low, small bows, and countless schools of tropical fish , where also lucky you can find nurse sharks, sleeping during the day in small caves.

Navegation time: 1:30 hours aprox.


LOS ANEGADOS (Mid distance between Marietas and Morro)

Deep: 60 a 140 feet deep

Located halfway between El Morro and the Marietta Islands, is a great place for the second tank return of El Morro and La Corbeteña.Se recommended for experienced divers due to currents and depth of the dive sites. Good place to find sometimes Shark and Giant Manta Gata.

Navegation time: 1:30 hours aprox.


Los Arcos (Few minutes from Mismaloya beach)

Deep: From 15 a 120 feet deep

National Marine Park . Rock formations located South- East Bay . Set of five rocks were three larger rocks have arches and are known as ARCOS´ ROCK, TURTLE´s ROCK and DEVIL´s ROCK . The National Marine Park offers different underwater trials depending on your experience as a diver and ocean conditions. Our underwater trails are: THE AQUARIUM - Depth 7 to 30 feet deep, low , flat sea bottom , excellent for beginners and experts too. We will enjoy schools of tropical fish like angelfish, surgeons, butterfly, puffer fish , morish idol fish, horns and trumpets, sea urchins, sea stars, seahorses ( hippocampus ) , etc.
WALL - Depth 10 to 100 feet deep is a good place for mid experience divers where you can enjoy varied climate and sometimes in small currents that will offer us the kind of changes in wildlife within a few feet stroke .
DEVIL´s DROP - is the deepest place of the Bay , an abyssal depth of 5,000 feet (1,600 meters) is estimated, beautiful and exciting place, ideal for thrill seekers .
SHALLOW OF THE CHRIST - The most beautiful reef that begins just 15 feet deep (4.8 meters) from the surface and leads to a maximum depth of 110 feet deep ( 35.5 meters ) . Huge schools of tropical fish awaiting for us, couple of sea turtle who regularly visit the site and small caves where we can observe from the outside Nudibranchs and crustaceans .

Navegation time: 10 minutes.


Colomitos (next south beach after Boca de Tomatlan)

Deep: 20 to 120 feet deep.

First beach South Side of Bay accessible only by hikking or as well by boat. Small and beautiful public beach that receives water from a small stream in tropical rainy season forms small waterfalls and cascade. Scuba diving here is very interesting. Underwater trial is not greater than 100 feet (32 meters) from the edge of the beach, we begin with a depth of about 20 feet deep and progressively down to 40 feet deep maximum in the case of divers with little experience and maximum of 120 feet deep for advanced divers. It is a beautiful well protected that usually provides good visibility when sea conditions make impracticable Bay dive elsewhere. Extensive collection of stripes, butterfly, sting, round, eagle, electric guitar and the interesting stripes. Navegation time: 25 minutes


Pizota (A mile distance before arriving Chimo)

Deep: 65 to 120 feet deep

Small fishing village south of the Bay. This dive site offering to us some depth areas, recommended for experienced divers. Moray eels wide range and Snakes ocean eels will delight underwater photographers. Navegation time: 1 hour 20 minutes


Las Iglesias (Chimo site)

Deep: 65 to 120 feet deep

Smoothest diving point at Banderas Bay. It is part of El Chimo scuba diving area and have rock formations with both openings at its base reminds us of the portico of a church, hence its name. It is a magnificent place for meetings with Giant Mantas. No usually noise boats in the area and remoteness make this beautiful diving point the perfect environment to rediscover the wildest marine life. Location currents and only recommended for divers with extensive experience Navegation time: 1 hour 40 minutes



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